A short description of the ConstruBadge

What is a ConstruBadge®?

The ConstruBadge® is a personal means of visual identification for every blue-collar construction worker. On building sites, the ConstruBadge® needs to be visibly displayed.

What is the purpose of the ConstruBadge®?

The construction industry’s social partners have developed a common strategic roadmap for the construction industry which is meant to create a framework for healthy competition on the one hand and to fight against social dumping on the other hand.
One of the elements included in the roadmap is the introduction of the so-called ConstruBadge® in the construction industry. Constructiv has been put in charge of the distribution of these badges.

Which information does the ConstruBadge® contain?

Who is the ConstruBadge® for?

ConstruBadge automatically produces a ConstruBadge® for all blue-collar construction workers who appear in the social security system’s data. This does not only include workers employed by Belgian building companies, but also workers employed by foreign employers who are engaged in construction activities in Belgium. Temporary workers employed in the construction industry by an authorised temporary employment agency also receive a ConstruBadge®.


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